Code Of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct shall be strictly adhered to by all Officers of MNRB Holdings Berhad. All Officers are to ensure that their conduct complies with the spirit of this Code.

  1. Basic Principle
    An Officer should conform strictly to the laws and regulations of Malaysia, as well as to accepted standards of business ethics, both locally and overseas, including those set out in this Code.

  2. Conflict of Interest
    To avoid possible conflicts of interest and / or being imposed with a situation where an interest, benefit or right due to the Company has to be compromised, an Officer may not either directly or indirectly become involved in any venture, business or dealing either on their own or in partnership or with some other person or persons, unless prior written approval has been obtained from the President & Group CEO.

  3. Illegal Gratification and Corrupt Practices
    1. Solicitation and / or Acceptances of Corrupt Payments

      An Officer shall not solicit or accept gratification of any kind, be it in cash, gift or favour, either directly or indirectly or through another person or from any enterprise, in return for doing anything or refraining from doing anything relating to a business transaction between his principal and the enterprise.

    2. Making Corrupt Payments

      An Officer shall not offer, give or promise any gratification of any kind, directly or indirectly, to any employee of an enterprise or agent thereof as a means of persuading that person to do or refrain from doing anything relating to a business transaction between his principal and the enterprise. In particular, this prohibition applies to dealings with Government Departments, Statutory Bodies and Agencies.

    3. Commissions

      An Officer is not permitted to accept or pay commissions, or percentage of a commission as part of any payment arising from a commercial transaction other than to those legally entitled to such amounts.
  4. Gifts
    It is appreciated that it is a common practice in Malaysia for firms having dealings with a company to send employees of that company gifts at festival times and at different occasions. This practice is not forbidden but such must be restricted to gifts of consumable goods (foods and drinks), flowers and other items of nominal value. The receipt of any other kind of gifts, directly or indirectly or the payment of bills incurred by an executive, by an enterprise having a business transaction, or any agent or any employee of such an enterprise, is strictly forbidden. If such gifts are offered, they must be refused on the grounds that they contravene Company regulations. It is the responsibility of an Officer to obtain permission from his Head of Division if he is in doubt as to whether a gift can be accepted due to its value.

  5. Entertainment
    The entertainment of an Officer by a person or enterprise having a business transaction with the Company should be restricted to within reasonable bounds. Lavish entertainment which could influence an Officer in the performance of his duties is strictly forbidden.